Here are some pics from me and the crew @ BHFR
nice and clean and LOUD!!
Me and c-lo's rides cleaned up and posing
Ready to run?
The import car thats patriotic
Damn thats funny
mike jones ready to ride
300 hp single-camn-slamn-grocery gettn- 4-door accord
sinister looking
all ready to spool and eat some unsuspecting prey
turbonetics raptor
damn nice setup
looks good to me
u wouldnt have thought it but ur lookn at a low 13 high 12 second accord  hahahaha ( damn i miss this )
lookin clean
nice profile
me (buzz) mike jones and c-lo
got to be up to no good
they think there the shit dont they
mike "jones"
nice waterfront pics
haha     some ones lower hehehehe
ready for action
my fairlady
the over the top view is always fun
some bling
looks fast dont it
one of the few times it was ever clean
watch out it will bite

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